Meet Our Director

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Early Career

Meenoo Labana

Meet Our Owner

The owner of Kids Farm Academy is Meenoo Labana, a childcare professional with 10 years of child care experience who brings heart, passion, and an undying thirst to never stop improving in her work.

Early Career

Meenoo started her childcare career in the Fairfax County Public Schools, where she got to collaborate with some of the finest teachers in our community and witness many of the common methods for classroom discipline, structure, and order that keep children happy and thriving.

Home Daycare

Her passion for teaching and raising children extended beyond the public schools, however, and she began to dream of creating a safe, fun, and educationally-rich environment for children. It started small, as just a home daycare, but it experienced a tremendous amount of success. Parents and children alike loved the programs so much that before long, she had opened two children’s education centers.

Finnish Innovation

Now as the owner of Kids Farm Academy, Meenoo is not content to merely sit back and coast. Her drive to continually improve the current level of service she provides to children led her to look at the most successful educational systems around the world. She discovered that the Finnish people have developed some breakthrough educational innovations that are causing their children to grow up as global leaders.


Meenoo is a mother herself, and she is passionate about raising all children with the nurture, love, and vision that she gives to her own children. The more you get to know Meenoo, the more you’ll agree that the strengths she brings to Kids Farm Children’s Academy set us apart as a place where children will be cared for with excellence.

If you want your child to thrive in an environment where their creativity, well-being, and thirst for learning will prosper, there’s no place better than Kids Farm. Bring your child for a visit today.