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At the age of five your child has become quite the learner. They’ll enjoy – and actively seek – learning opportunities and will look forward to being taught more complex elements of language, math and science. Our curriculum for this age group has been structured to enhance prior learning and also introduce new subjects and concepts such as foreign language, arithmetic and advancements in reading, writing and spelling.

Our Fives Curriculum

  • Mathematics
    • Write and spell numbers 1 – 20
    • 1 – 100 counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
    • Addition and subtraction
    • Time
    • Money
  • Language
    • Spanish: learning words and songs
    • Beginning to read
    • Sight words
    • Spelling
    • Letters
    • Improving writing on lines
    • Reading
  • Art
    • Weekly craft session following a seasonal theme



By the age of four your child is beginning to develop at a rapid rate. As their speech and understanding of language becomes more prevalent they become eager to take on new challenges and will proactively try to develop their knowledge and skill sets. This is why our curriculum for this age group is structured to support the individual challenges our four year olds seek, within a supportive and enabling group learning environment. Key areas we address at this age include:

Our Fours Curriculum

  • Science
    • Magnets
    • Seasons and the weather
    • Weight and balance
    • Observations
    • Texture and sensory
    • Construction
    • Animals
    • Shapes
    • Nature
    • Plants and trees
    • The human body
  • Language
    • Following direction
    • Increasing attention span
    • Developing vocabulary
    • Associating written with spoken language
    • Articulation
    • Prepositions
    • Understanding opposites
    • Recognizing and writing lower case letters
    • Understanding positions
    • Rhyming
    • Phonics
    • Show and tell


Summer Camp In Davidsonville, MD

“Mom, I’m bored.”

Ever hear these words during the summer?

Never again! When your child attends the fun, productive, and educational summer camp here at Kids Farm Children’s Academy, they’ll have so much fun every day, they won’t be able to contain their enthusiasm.

Check out the schedule below for our 2017 Summer Camp and enroll your child today!


Your kids will love the summer camp we have planned for this year. It will be a time spent with friends—old and new—having fun, taking on projects, discovering new places and experiencing new things.

This year, our summer camp for kids has chosen the theme…


Who doesn’t love construction? Kids and adults alike love building things, and that’s just what your children will get to do all summer this year’s summer camp in Sterling. Your boys and girls will be fascinated as they get to participate in the following activities:

  • Lego Robotics
  • Build your own Angry Bird Game
  • Construct your own planter (with wood, nails, etc) – then plant herbs
  • Sewing
  • Build a race car
  • Build bottle rockets
  • Build an insect hotel
  • Egg drop challenge
  • Make your own desert
  • Learn to make electricity

There will be no lack of good, old-fashioned fun at summer camp, too. Here are some of our perennial favorite activities that your kids will get to do this summer at camp:

  • Field Trips
  • Pool
  • Movies
  • Krispy Kreme Factory (learn how to make donuts)


We practice fitness, too! While there’s a place for mentally stimulating activities, the summer should also be a chance for your child to grow stronger, attain more balance, and improve gross motor skills and sports ability. One of the ways we do this is through our Zumba and Yoga for Kids program. Your children will laugh and move without even realizing they’re working their bodies in targeted ways that boost their development.

Expand your child’s horizons and bring out the wonder with the kinds of activities they will LOVE!

Enroll today in the summer camp at Kids Farm Children’s Academy.


When is it? (Dates & Times)

  • The dates of our summer camp are June 12 – August 25
  • Summer camp fits your work schedule! Drop off as early as 6:00 am, and pick up by 6:30 pm.

What age children do you accept?

Children as young as two can come to our summer camp! Yes, it’s a preschool summer camp, too! Twos, Threes, and Fours will each have classes with kids the exact same age. Kids age five and up will join us in larger age ranges and will be in classes with around 20 kids each.

Is it only for kids enrolled in the daycare, or for anyone in the community?

Anyone can come! We allow outside enrollment for summer camp, so your child doesn’t have to attend our day care to come to summer camp.

What is a typical week like?

In a typical week, we might go swimming, work on a group art project, take a trip to a local park or museum and try out bowling or roller blading. Our weeks are busy and fun and cover a wide range of interests. A popular highlight—and now a Kids Farm tradition—comes at the end of our summer program as we treat all of the children to a trip to the waterpark, complete with a sleepover at the center!

By adopting a different theme for each month, we provide your child with activities and field trips to get them active, keep them thinking, and introduce them to new things.

This is the summer, so first and foremost, we make sure everything we do is fun!

What are you waiting for? Enroll your kids in our daycare today! Call us or fill out our contact form to get started.

Before and After School

Before and After School

We have created a vibrant, fun and stimulating environment for all children who join us before and after school. Suitable for children aged five to 12 our program delivers extra-curricular activities that reinforce the school curriculum and celebrates the importance of creative play in equal measure.

We provide quiet learning environments, support and encouragement for children taking time out to complete their homework and place great importance on giving your child an opportunity to play and interact with their friends, actively encouraging group play at all ages to instill a sense of inclusion and unity within the group.




Our preschool program has been structured to offer a rich and diverse variety of learning activities to expand your child’s academic understanding of language, math and science.  Our STEM focused curriculum is complemented by the further development of social and interpersonal skills as we continue to teach through a combination of group and independent learning sessions and activity based exploration; equipping your child with everything they need for success and development for years to come.



By the age of three your child has grown in confidence and has become an established member of the Kids Farm family. They’re keen to take on new challenges and are excited about developing their understanding of the topics they’ve learnt in the previous academic year.

The curriculum now begins to build on the foundations in math, science and language and continues to encourage social interaction and relationship development within the group.

Our Threes Curriculum

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Self-help skills
  • Art
  • Pre-reading skills
  • Pre-writing skills
  • Language



We have created a learning environment that offers children in this program an opportunity to further develop their sense of independence, as well as key social and communication skills.

Our self and group play sessions assist personal development and promote sharing while our small group circle activities introduce children to the alphabet, numbers, science and art in a fun and engaging way –  ensuring your child is well prepared in all core aspects of the curriculum from a young age.

Our Twos Curriculum

  • Alphabet: learning ABC’s through repetition and rhyme
  • Shapes: introduction of shapes through play and rhyme
  • Colors: learning color names and exploring color following a weekly theme
  • Mathematics: learning numbers with blocks and counting to 10 through group activity
  • Daily life: days of the week, weather and the seasons
  • Art: weekly art class to encourage creativity and self-expression
  • Pretend play: learning through imaginative and role play
  • Science: introduction to insects through exploration and play

Daycare for Toddlers in Davidsonville, MD


Looking for a toddler daycare that will stimulate your child’s curiosity and provide enriching educational experiences?

As your child becomes a toddler you will see their curiosity grow. They’ll ask more questions, become intrigued by everything that surrounds them, and notably, they’ll want to learn independently. That’s why we’ve built our curriculum for this age group to establish solid foundations in three key areas: language, science, and social skills. This ensures your child begins to develop knowledge and understanding of our comprehensive STEM curriculum while learning important interpersonal skills and developing physically and emotionally. Your child will learn in a fun, safe and colorful environment to encourage exploration through music, art, and interactive toys—all of which are central to our program of learning.


Our Toddlers Curriculum


Language can be complex for a young learner, which is why we teach using a three-strand approach: confidence, vocabulary, and expression. By using this approach we ensure our toddlers have a comprehensive understanding of language, and fundamentally, that they enjoy their learning experience.

  • Confidence: building confidence in the use of language through finger play, group reading, and singing
  • Vocabulary: development through naming common objects, group discussion and word games
  • Expression: the development of vocal and oral expression through listening to music and learning songs


We introduce our toddlers to science through play and activities that focus on the following basic science principles:

  • Colors
  • Water
  • Sounds
  • Observations
  • Texture and sensory
  • Construction
  • Animals
  • Shapes

Social skills

We focus on group activity to encourage inclusion, sharing, and respect. We introduce the following topics and work with children as a group and individually to nurture social and emotional development at a pace that’s right for your child:

  • Feelings
  • Sharing
  • Self-esteem
  • Families
  • Expressing needs
  • Friendship
  • Kindness
  • Art
  • Names
  • Manners
  • Eating habits

Finding a great toddler child care center isn’t easy, but you can be confident in the toddler care program at Kids Farm Children’s Academy. Enroll your child today!




We are immensely proud of our infant program and our reputation for providing secure, loving and individual care for every child. At such a young age our infant group sessions firmly focus on establishing trust and building long lasting relationships between your child and our dedicated teaching and care staff. Our caregivers ensure your child is not only well cared for but also stimulated through play aided by visual and audio sensory toys.  Together, this helps children become confident and comfortable in their learning environment; in turn nurturing openness to new learning opportunities as they move up through our programs.

We understand the importance of keeping you, our parents, up-to-date about your child’s progress which is why we provide daily reports for every child care. You are also welcome to call us at any time to check in on your little one and we’ll happily update you on their day.

Furthermore, you can be assured that when your child is ready to transition into our toddler program it feels like a natural progression. We invest time in having our infant and toddler program teachers interact with both groups to establish a sense of familiarity and unity.